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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why was the Miter Divider developed?

A: The Miter Divider was developed to offer a tool that simplifies miter cuts. By using the Miter Divider you will save time, money, and reduce wasted material.

Q: What does the Miter Divider do?

A: The Miter Divider measures and divides any angle achieving an accurate fitting miter joint without using math or calculations.

Q: What is a Miter Joint?

A: A miter joint is the most common joint between two pieces of material that meet at an angle, in which each piece of the butting surface is cut into two equal halves.

Q: Who can use the Miter Divider?

A: Homeowners, Remodelers, Contractors, Deck Builders, Metalworkers, Finish Carpenters, Tile/marble installers, and Framers (anyone who needs to measure and divide an angle).

Q: What is the Small Angle Finder tool used for?

A: The Small Angle Finder was developed for times when you are faced with measuring an angle that is located too close to a door or an obstacle that would prevent you from using the full-size Miter Divider.

Q: Why should I use the Miter Divider?

A: The purpose of the Miter Divider is to provide an accurate fitting miter joint. Even if you can figure out an angle without using the Miter Divider, odds are you will be measuring an object that is not square or level such as a wall, a floor, deck, picture frames, etc. which can cause your calculations to be off resulting in wasted time, and materials. The Miter Divider is just the tool to take away the frustration and guesswork of finding an accurate fitting miter joint each and every time.

Q: How will I measure an angle?
How do I divide a miter?
What degree will it be?

A: Who cares! Just cut on the line created by your Miter Divider!


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