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Crown / Cove Cutting Jig!


Only $34.99

  • The safest and easiest way to cut crown and cove molding.

  • Eliminates trial and error!

  • Produces perfect fitting miters every time.

  • No more complicated compound cuts!

  • Fits all 10” and larger miter saws, regular or sliding.

  • Exclusive fence risers adjust to fit crown and cove molding up to 6" wide.

  • Integral setup guide prevents costly miscuts!

  • Completely portable. Does NOT need to be attached to you miter saw.


Cutting crown molding doesn't have to be difficult! Crown-Cut eliminates the complication of cutting crown and cove molding, giving you perfect miters, every time. What's the secret? Crown-Cut holds the molding at its intended angle while you cut it. No more compound cuts and tedious trial and error! Before Crown-Cut, miscalculated compound cuts produced sloppy miters that screamed for caulk and paint. Crown-Cut requires only a simple 45° miter cut that any miter saw can do. For a professional looking job, cut your crown and cove the easy way. Even if you're using the coping method for inside miters, Crown-Cut will prove useful for the initial cuts.

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